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Who We Are

While the conversation of the last two decades among many Christians has been focused on the relationship between Christianity and culture, the Church in the West has slowly been in decline across all orthodox denominations. Many groups are dying from failure to generate new members, and a number of denominations are fracturing around theological issues of sexuality. A fresh wave of church planting movements has helped to counter the losses sustained, but they have often replicated similar institutional versions of the old churches. These church plants have been helpful renewals, but they have not yet deeply touched the structural basis of Western churches, or addressed the fundamental problems of divisions in the Body of Christ.

As the West moves increasingly toward religious pluralism and political secularism, Christian people will find that they need one another as never before. We are convinced that doctrinal and methodological differences are not enough to keep believers from working closely together in this new century. We believe that the emerging Western Church will exist as a post-denominational, post-institutional reality even while holding to the historic, orthodox faith and maintaining the unity of the Spirit.

With this in mind, our goal is to equip saints for the work of ministry so that we all arrive at the unity of faith and knowledge of Christ. In this aim, we seek to direct the hearts and minds of men and women to the apostolic and prophetic foundation of the Church, with Jesus Christ himself as the cornerstone. We pray that the Church might be one – just as the Father and the Son are one – so that in that unity God may be glorified.